Imum coeli in aquarius astrology

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A baby born the same day as my grandson!

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Wow Karma! This time last year no Grandchildren.. Off home to Eire for a weeks retreat Ironically booked 9 months ago Hopefully to water my roots for my expanded family tree!! Post a Comment.

Aquarius 4th House Cusp

The 4 Angles of the Chart — the Top, the Bottom, the Left and the Right — are our 4 main points of connection to the world. If someone has major transits to all 4 them, you often see their whole life change. And I think the IC particularly can get overlooked compared to its more glamorous counterpart, the MC: career, vocation, how the world sees us, our place in the world.

Medium Coeli in the Complete Horoscope

The IC is hidden, it is the sign directly below our feet at the moment we are born, and is therefore invisible. Imum Coeli means 'Bottom of the Sky'. If any point can lay claim to the personal unconscious, it is surely the IC Just as the Moon, the natural ruler of the IC, is the planet associated with the personal unconscious. Planets and Angles are different things: the emphasis with planets is on what is within, whereas the emphasis with Angles and the other house cusps is that which is without, our connection to the world.

The distinction, though, is not rigid.

So the IC becomes those aspects of our behaviour which are invisible to us — unconscious - but often visible to others. With Aries on the IC, are you a pushover, underneath your reasonable front? With Taurus, do you put your own comfort before emotional commitments as Mr Obama is alleged to do? Gemini: do you see the world in black and white terms and polarise around that? Cancer: are you, like Tony Blair, secretly narrow and partisan in your outlook?

Aries IC/Libra MC

And Leo, do other people feel life has to revolve around you and your needs? Virgo: are you secretly judgemental of others? Libra: do you, like George W Bush, present a decisive front to compensate for an inner uncertainty? With Scorpio, are you quick to take offence, and less reasonable than you like to think? Sagittarius: Do you wander from teacher to teacher, unable to find your own sense of meaning within?

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  8. Pisces: do you put up a sign saying 'do not disturb' and project your aggression onto those who break your rules? Contact: BWGoddard1 at aol. It is the foundation out of which a healthy MC can grow. It is childhood, it is family.

    Transit Planets

    It is where we are private and personal. It is the place where we regroup, 'downtime'. Family was very active or extremely ambitious.

    ASTROTABLETALK: The IC, the Shadow and Fate

    Unconsciously aggressive or combative. Taurus: Need for security or physical pleasures. Family was stable or materialistic. Unconsciously inflexible or possessive. Gemini: Need for understanding themselves and world around them. Family was self-expressive or hyper-intellectually focused. Unconsciously erratic or two-faced.

    Cancer: Need to seek and give nurturance. Family was co-dependent or critical.

    Imum Coeli in Aquarius

    Unconsciously needy or guarded. Leo: Need for creative self-expression and connections with other people. Family was self-involved or warm-hearted. Unconsciously may have a lot of self-doubt. Virgo: Need for efficiency. Family or parent was hyper-critical. Unconsciously nagging or control freak.