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These four asteroids are called the Asteroid Goddesses and were named after female members of Jupiter's Zeus family. Ceres and Vesta are his sisters, Juno is his wife, and Pallas Athena is his daughter.

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Until the discovery of the asteroids the only feminine planetary bodies in astrology were the Moon and Venus. The asteroid goddesses expanded the scope of the expression of the feminine beyond the personal planets. The Sun, Moon, planets , angles , and houses will give you an excellent overall picture. However, asteroids can connect with particular chart themes that might otherwise be missed in a natal chart reading , as well as bring more clarity to themes that are already highlighted. Ceres, also known as Demeter, is the Universal Mother and the goddess of the grain harvest.

She embodies the principle of unconditional love. The sign placement of Ceres in your birth chart shows what you need to feel loved and nurtured and how you can best provide love and comfort. She has domain over food, cooking, and nutrition and also influences parenting and gardening. Ceres is associated with fertility, the uterus, and stomach. Negatively, she can speak of parent-child issues, barrenness, custody issues, grief, eating disorders, possessiveness, low self-esteem, and more. Pallas Aspecting Venus: Another good placement for an artist.

The harmonious aspects conjunction, sextile, or trine link the Venusian love of beauty with the pattern recognition ability of Pallas.

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The stressful aspects square and opposition could lead to blockages in this area. The pattern recognition ability has problems integrating with the artistic sense. There could also be a tendency to be excessively critical Pallas of those with whom we are romantically involved Venus. Pallas Aspecting Mars: Not bad for a military strategist or the coach of a sports team. If there is a conflict Mars this combination can help you figure out Pallas how to win.

In fact, any task requiring lots of energy, physical activity, or will power can be rearranged and improved with this aspect. The harmonious aspects conjunction, sextile, or trine can smoothly integrate physical activity with the intellect. The stressful aspects square and opposition can indicate a tendency to rush to judgment when solving problems.

These aspects also make it more likely for one to argue when the solutions they come up with are not immediately accepted. Pallas Aspecting Jupiter: With the harmonious aspects conjunction, sextile, or trine there is no problem getting the big picture. This increases the ability to recognize big patterns and solve large-scale problems. The stressful aspects square and opposition can easily give someone an over-inflated opinion of their own intellect. Many people with a stressful aspect between these two are always right and never wrong.


Just ask them! Saturn though, tends towards pessimism rather than optimism, and caution rather than opportunity. Learning is also slowed down because the effect of Saturn is to fear mistakes. Once something is learned, however, it will likely be learned well. The harmonious aspects sextile and trine simply add a cautious and practical streak to problem solving and pattern recognition. The stressful aspects conjunction, square, and opposition put obstacles in the way. Someone with these may feel stupid even if they are really brilliant.

To develop their problem solving and pattern recognition abilities, they more than anyone else have to practice, practice, practice. It also wouldn't hurt if they worked to boost their self-esteem. Pallas Aspecting Uranus: The patterns you see will tend to be unusual and highly original. The solutions to problems will be, well, different.

The effect of Uranus is to make us believe that "If everybody does things this way, it must be wrong. The harmonious aspects sextile and trine can be just as original when it comes to problem solving and pattern recognition, but are less likely to cause people to be upset. Pallas Aspecting Neptune: Neptune rules dreams and illusions. The harmonious aspects sextile and trine between Pallas and Neptune increase imagination and are very good for artists.

But scientists can benefit from this as well because of the increased powers of visualization that it confers. The stressful aspects conjunction, square, and opposition can get lost in imagination. This combination can make it difficult to tell the difference between reality and delusion. Pallas Aspecting Pluto: Those with this combination can notice things that seem hidden to most others. This is a good combination for a doctor, therapist, detective, or spy.

The harmonious aspects sextile and trine are good for solving problems connected with healing or personal growth, "transformation" in general.

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They are also good those who deal with large sums of "other people's money" venture capitalists, for instance. The stressful aspects conjunction, square, and opposition tend to cause intense concentration on problems to the point of obsession. Pallas Aspecting the Ascendant: Any aspect will tend to increase the mental side of your nature, particularly the problem solving and pattern recognition abilities.

This is especially true of the conjunction aspect.

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The harmonious aspects sextile and trine will, in addition, make it easier to solve problems together with others there will also be an aspect to the Descendant. The opposition to the Ascendant is really a conjunction to the Descendant, so Pallas placed here could attract partners who are good at problem solving and pattern recognition. Conversely, your own abilities in these areas could come out more strongly when there is someone else around, especially a partner. The square aspect will tend to bring problems when it comes to solving problems with others.

Pallas Aspecting the Mid-Heaven: Problem solving and pattern recognition will tend to be an important part of the career. One or both parents were likely to have been strong in these areas. If the aspect is a square , then they might have tried to over-organize your life while raising you. Pallas in the 2nd House: This placement is good for organizing money and possessions. Pallas is also the healer asteroid, and gives people healing abilities.

It rules different healing methods, especially the ones where the power of the mind is used or some other techniques in the process of healing others or self-healing. These methods are meditation, affirmations, visualizations, healing with sound or light, hypnosis, mind control, etc.

Pallas Athena- The Champion in our Chart

Besides being able to heal others, some of the people influenced by Pallas have a predisposition to be healed in such a way. The asteroid Pallas gives good diplomatic skills to people as well as talent for politics and diplomacy. Men influenced by Pallas might become weak and exhibiting feminine traits, like dependency and passive behavior.

That might cause her to behave overly aggressively, competitive and dominant, especially in relationships with men. This asteroid in our natal chart describes the way we handle the issues arising regarding our creativity or our diplomatic skills, issues arising in our relationships, or the way we deal with the fear of success. They use different methods for healing their patients, such as healing with visualizations, guided meditations, prayers, aura reading and cleansing, etc.

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These men often have extrasensory perception, and possess gifts to see into the future, such as clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc. They are sincerely concerned for the wellbeing of all humanity and are often in some kind of non-violent protest against human rights restrictions, as well as the global destruction of our environment. They are often very spiritual and have strong psychic powers, which they use to heal and help others, but also to help themselves.

Some of the good traits of Pallas in Pisces: humane, compassionate, healers, lightworkers, non-conflicting, strong psychic powers, helpful, martyrs, creative artists and poets, etc.