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Keeping your power while empowering your Aries is a tricky dance and a real balancing act!


With her devotion, he took office and she stopped working and became his campaign manager, red-carpet companion and everything-girl. Not that this was her fault, of course—but it speaks to a certain myopia that Aries can have. When an Aries believes in someone and pours their attention on them, that person is filled with unbelievable courage and confidence.

But this can also create an unhealthy dependency, where Aries is drained from constantly pumping up an insecure person, and loses sight of their own pursuits. They need a certain amount of attention and applause.

The perfect match for an Aries will share a thirst for adventure but also act as an anchor and a sounding board. To be with an Aries, you need range—and loads of patience.

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Aries and Aries Love Compatibility

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